User Experience Design & Product Management

Hi there. Richard King here.

I’m a UX/UI designer creating and managing digital experiences internationally from Amman, Jordan.

What that means for you

It means I design engaging, adaptive experiences across multiple form factors. That’s fancy talk for creating digital products that people want to use on the web, mobile devices and beyond. Sometimes those products look like a complex content management system for Arabic journalists or detailed interfaces for New York state residents seeking information on their health benefits exchange. Regardless of the final product, I will always strive to create delightful experiences with your users in mind.

New & Next

Let’s create something together

Ideally, with research and discovery; wireframes and prototypes; and code stacks and visual language, we can create amazing products together. A new product that answers a business goal or the “Why?” and becomes the “How” or the solution that makes a user’s life easier, faster or dare I say, sexier.

Those users have high expectations for your digital products and routinely respond with high, consistent engagement in the form of usage, shares, downloads or purchases. So let’s get it as close to right early on in the process by providing them with the best possible experience. Together we can walk through the user experience process taking the mile high view and curating the micro-interactions to create a storied, engaging product for our users to rally around as their own.

In reality, I’m asked often to look at an iOS app or a website built in 2012. This is the strategic aspect of design, using data and insights to determine the next direction of a product instead of whims and wishes. Beyond the surface updates that might happen during a refresh or realignment, now we get to answer the “why” and the “how” on our way to that great product.

This time with the benefit of metrics and usage gathered during the initial iteration of a product, we can realign the product with the needs of your business and provide users with a service in a manner appropriate to your brand.

Revisit & Realign

Work is never done